Dog Grooming

Dog grooming takes place in the home where only one dog is groomed at a time so the stress on a dog that may be caused by a busy and noisy salon environment is avoided. Also because dog grooming services here at Gem Dogs are on more personal basis compared to the average salon. Your dog will always be groomed by the same professional which builds a good relationship, making the grooming process as pleasant as possible. Dog owners have the choice of a bath & brush or a full groom. Prices offered are generally lower than those in dog grooming salons.

Health Benefits

Certain breeds like Bichons, King Charles and those with long coats can get matted very quickly. This causes the dog discomfort and can cause skin conditions. Regular grooming is important to keep matting to a minimum. A general health check is carried out prior to grooming where the dogs overall physical health is examined. The dog is checked for external parasites, skin conditions, ear infections, abscesses, lumps and allergies. Anal sac emptying reduces the risk of impactation and anal sac disease. Getting your dog’s nails clipped, especially the dew claws reduces the risk of sores and infection.

before dog grooming      After dog grooming



A Bath & Brush includes a general health check, nail clipping, anal gland emptying, ear cleaning, brush out, washing & drying. No clipping, carding or styling is included. Prices start at €20 for a small dog such as a Chihuahua and go up to €45 for a large dog such as a Labrador.


A full groom includes health check, nail clipping, ear cleaning, anal gland emptying, brushing, carding, washing, drying/fluff drying, clipping and styling.
General prices are as follows:

  • Small breed/ €30 – €45
  • Medium breed/ €45 – €60
  • Large breed/ €60- €75

*An additional de-matting fee may apply if your dog is badly matted.


Before Dog Grooming   After Dog Grooming